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The ups and downs of the renewal of the Constitutional Court
A series of incidents marked a competition to appoint three new judges to the Plenary of the Constitutional Court, which also renewed its authorities. Citizen and civil society observers followed the process. Four of the nine candidates resigned and the competition was declared void before the appointment was made.
The uncomfortable former client of a Constitutional Court candidate
Jorge Sosa Meza denies having been part of alias Gerald's legal team and says he was only consulted on the extradition process of one of the country's biggest drug traffickers. Sosa is now one of the candidates for the Constitutional Court. He was nominated by the Transparency and Social Control Function.
Who is who among Ecuador´s nine Constitutional Court finalists
Five candidates have been qualified and are in the race to occupy three chairs in the plenary of the Constitutional Court, three of whose magistrates must be selected in early 2022. An important group of candidates belong to the circles of the Minister of Government, Alexandra Vela and the Legal Secretary of the Palace, Fabián Pozo.