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Abaca: modern slavery in the Ecuadorian fields
Diego Cazar Baquero and Susana Moran. Photography: Luis Arguello. Translation: Aida Calderon

The decorticator removes the excess water of the abaca. But, a fiber of abaca could become a razor. Many have been mutilated in this process. Workers have not been provided with the appropriate tools.


Quito: the city that does not love dogs

Photo: Chase Fletcher


According to a study done by the University San Francisco of Quito, there is a stray dog for every 22 people.
Isla Trinitaria: wounds four years after a brutal eviction
On March 27 of 2015, one of the most violent evictions took place, 40 families were dislodged by the administration of Rafael Correa with a zero-tolerance policy against land invasions.
Hernán Salgado: Ecuador can´t go on with the current state of the justice system
Juan Carlos Calderón Vivanco
Ecuador says goodbye to Julian Assange
Redacción Plan V
An anti-mining activist will govern a province
Redacción Plan V

Correa questioned the appointment of Salazar, he considers her to be biased in favor of his political enemies.

Diana Salazar, the first black attorney general
Redacción Plan V

The teenagers recruited by gangs from impoverished neighborhoods would go to parties allegedly in exchange for money, alcohol, and gifts.

Ecuador: a teenage prostitution ring
A North American citizen, manager of an oil company, is allegedly the ringleader of a plot of sex parties, drugs, and prostitution of teenagers from impoverished neighborhoods in Quito.

The Ecuadorian Police arrested a 75-year-old North American engineer from Houston who is believed to be the leader of a plot of sex parties, drugs, prostitution, and pornographic videos. According to the first investigations, “El Abuelo” (translates to The Grandfather) organized sexual events with minors of both genders at his apartment in an expensive neighborhood in the North of Quito.

If this measure is approved, Ecuador would join countries like Mexico and Argentina where same-sex marriage is legally performed.

Ecuador is debating Marriage Equality
The Ecuadorian Constitutional Court is looking for a legal way to allow same-sex marriage in Ecuador.

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights urged the Latin American countries to legalize same-sex marriage and although the Ecuadorian Constitution of 2008 defines marriage solely as the union of a man and a woman, the Ecuadorian Constitutional Court is analyzing the possibility to implement the IACHR´s advice.