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Meet the Assemblymen who oppose the protection of sharks and exotic animals
In the plenary of the National Assembly, on Thursday, September 2 at 11:30 am, reforms to the Organic Environmental Code will be discussed. This project includes the prohibition of importing exotic animals such as the giraffes that were killed in Loja, the hippopotamuses that two zoos want to bring and the moratorium on the commercialization of sharks captured "incidentally".
The U.S. sends more than 100 containers per month with its plastic waste to Ecuador
Since 2019, Plan V followed the leads left by a report in The Guardian on the shipment of plastic waste from the United States to developing countries with poor waste management. The data revealed that Ecuador has become the third country in Latin America that imports the most of this waste, which also arrives dirty or mixed. It also ranks thirteenth among the countries that import the most waste from California. This is the U.S. state that sends the most waste in the world. Behind closed doors, there are no controls, despite existing regulations. The authorities have no answers and have given contradictory figures.