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4 de Noviembre del 2019
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4 de Noviembre del 2019
Redacción Plan V
‘My uncle got seven metal pellets out of his head’

Photo: Luis Argüello / PlanV

In the Eugenio Espejo hospital, some people have been injured during the protests. One of the most serious is Juan Olovacha who was operated to remove the pellets.


This is one of the first cases that cast doubt on the official version that the police and the military did not use lethal weapons during the October demonstrations in Ecuador.

Juan Olovacha, 30, a native of Quisapincha, Ambato, was part of a group of 40 people who came from that community to protest against the Government of Ecuador on October 7. But a day later, in the middle of the demonstrations, the young university student was hit by a projectile in his head that left him seven embedded pellets. He is still hospitalized and is in an almost vegetable state. The seconds after the shot were recorded by amateur videos. These images registered a group of shocked people and doctors who carry it first loaded and then on a stretcher. This is one of the first cases that cast doubt on the official version that the police and the military did not use lethal weapons during the October demonstrations in Ecuador.

Edwin Poalacin is the victim's nephew. For him and his family, the shot came from a police weapon and asks that the Olovacha case be transparent by the Government and exalts them, to tell the truth. It refers to the versions promoted by the Regime on the case of his uncle. Especially to the statements of October 24, in Latacunga, by the Secretary of Human Rights, Cecilia Chacón. She asked at a press conference to stop the misinformation. “Please!”, He exclaimed several times before the microphones of the journalists and assured: “The National Police never used bullets, what there were rubber pellets. Please! I personally was in the hospitals, I receive the report twice a day, at 09:00 and at 21:00 ”.

He immediately referred to the case of Olovacha: “he has a very high brain inflammation, he is in intensive care, he has pellets in his head, he has a projectile. Do you know what the diagnosis of the doctor is? That he does not have any weapon of military equipment, which is the product of a shotgun. ” With that confusing explanation, the Secretary of State wanted to pay the thesis of the State that Police only used deterrent and non-lethal material in the protests. An argument that supports it - she said - with the report of a doctor, who came forward to certify the type of weapon that had been used in the shot.

Poalacin said his uncle was never visited by the official or any other authority so far. What he has seen, on the other hand, is the permanent presence of police officers requesting information from his family and other seriously injured from the protests in that hospital.

He gave his testimony of how his family has sought a response to this tragedy and the authorities' refusal to provide them with medical documents and information from Olovacha. The young university student will be left with a significant disability, says his nephew.



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